Cubs championship transcends fandom

It’s hard to believe that until this week, the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, radio as we know it had yet to be invented, let alone television.  It’s hard to believe that the Ottoman Empire still existed.  I could go on, but I’d be beating a literal dead horse at this point.

I am not a Cubs fan by any means, but I couldn’t help but feeling happy when Kris Bryant fielded what would become the final out of the team’s first World Series title in 108 years.

Think about that.  108 years.  It is an almost certainty that nobody who witnessed the clinching game 5 of that series is still alive today.

108 years is a long time.  There is no denying that.

But it went deeper than that.

The Cubs had not even been to the World Series in 71 years, last winning the National League pennant in 1945.  The first televised World Series was in 1947.  Joe Buck was the first person to call a Cubs World Series telecast, a feat he did not take for granted.

But it went deeper.  After 1945, the Cubs next appearance in the postseason was not until 1984.  They’d return again in 1989, but not again after until 1998.

In spite of all this, Wrigley Field was always full, day in and day out.  Cubs fans continued to support their team and remain loyal just as if they were perennial contenders.

They did this as they watched their arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals win 11 World Series since their team last won it all.  They watched their crosstown rival White Sox win in 2005.  There must have been jealously, sure, but the Cubs fans stuck it out.

So this championship was more than just another group of baseball players winning a title.

This was about a group of fans, long suffering, finally being rewarded for their suffering.

The Cubs winning the World Series gives hope to every fan base that no matter how bad things may seem now, someday it will pay off.

It is a moment that transcends fandom.

It is a moment that transcends sports.



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