Streaming Sports is Truly Amazing

I’m not a cord cutter, nor am I one of the many who believe cable is dead/dying (though it could certainly stand to reinvent itself).I like being able to turn on my television and everything is ready to go.
That said, it’s impossible to be home and in front of your tv every single night.
Such was the case this past Thursday night, as I was the producer for Bulls Radio broadcast of a USF men’s basketball game.  As the producer, I stayed back in the studio and made sure everything ran smoothly.  Not only is that a thankless job, it is also very boring at times.
An empty studio and seemingly nothing to entertain myself for the next few hours.

Simultaneously, the Lightning were playing the Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo, NY.  In years past, it was either looking up an illegal stream of the game and braving the risks that go along with that, or you were basically out of luck.
But out of luck no more, are you.
This year, Lightning games and games of other NHL teams affiliated with a Fox Sports network, are streaming live and for free (with a cable provider authorization) on Fox Sports Go.
Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 7.21.00 PM.png
The front page of Fox Sports Go, as seen from a desktop computer.

Fox Sports Go is not a new service, it was launched in October 2013, but was only available to customers of a limited selection of cable providers and, even if you were one of the lucky few, only offered a handful of noteworthy events were broadcast.
Gradually, Fox reached deals with cable providers, large and small, to bundle Fox Sports Go with cable service, all the meanwhile striking deals with sports leagues to allow streaming on the service.
Presently, subscribers with access to Fox Sports Go can watch locally broadcast NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games, a large selection of college games and Fox’s national sports networks, FS1 and FS2.
Promotional material for Fox Sports Go (

You can’t watch out of market Fox Sports games, however.  For example, if you live in Tampa and wanted to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks of MLB or Arizona Coyotes, who broadcast on Fox Sports Arizona, you would still need and respectively.
ESPN launched a similar service in 2010 which also includes a large selection of niche sport leagues, such as the North American Soccer League.  ESPN also nationally televises NFL, NBA and MLB games, too.
NBC also streams live events too, including nationally broadcast NHL games and the Olympics.
So, gone are the days of being stuck away from a tv and not being able to watch a live game.  The new day of streaming is upon us and it’s gonna be great.


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